Man do I wish this punk would go away, but not only does Howard Schultz have a terrible plan, he’s not even doing it right! Even if you buy that there’s some combination of #NeverTrumpers and moderate, consensus-obsessed Democrats to win a 3-way race, the way you win them is with civility. Always be positive. Talk about people of goodwill on both sides, how the founding fathers hated partisanship, how you want to sign bills sponsored by both Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren. That sort of thing. And always try to be in the conversation without it seeming forced, with a little trace of humility, as if you’re not sure you belong there. That’s the sort of thing that those sorts of folks like to see.

What you don’t do is act like a smug, entitled asshole, unload heavy ordnance language like “un-American” to describe ideas you don’t like and invade the news cycle like…Donald Trump. Yeah, that’s obviously the model this doofus is taking, constantly stirring outrage to keep himself in the conversation. But Trump did it to stand out in a crowded field, and he knew that the voters he was aiming for wouldn’t care if his nonsense pissed people off. Actually the voters he was courting quite liked it! But this is a suboptimal strategy if you’re going after readers of The Economist. They don’t want someone both sides hate! They want nice politics! They want everyone to get along and “do things together” (what things? Why, good ones, of course!). But why would he think there’s any demand for a centrist Trump? It is truly odd.

Just go away, Howard. You can ape Trump all you want but even though you’re actually a good businessman and almost certainly more intelligent than Trump, he’s just better at being Trump than you are.

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  1. Keep Howard Schultz off the ballot, any ballot.? Can he pass a test on the Constitution??? Does he know anything about our campaign and election laws?? As of now, anyone,? and any mentally challenged person can run for President.? We need some qualifications required to be able to run for President.? A candidate needs to show his taxes for the last ten years, pass oral tests (given by Federal judges) on the Constitution, election and campaign laws.? Right now it’s too much about the money, and not enough about knowledge. Our Presidency is not an entry level job.

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